Late Night.

I'm just getting home and sitting down to eat dinner - a Blockbuster near my house is closing, and I had to go and purchase many Blu-rays.
Due to this distraction, I haven't watched Days of Heaven yet. But I'm going to! I'm just going to eat dinner, which is ready, and then start it. I just thought that my post might be a littler later tonight than usual.
I'm sort of a purist about things, so I just wanted to make it clear that even if my post is late, I will have watched the movie today (before midnight). Hahaha, this seems stupid now that I've said it. It's how I am. The Blu-rays I bought all came in DVD I feel like I need to buy some "real" cases for them so they "match" my other Blu-rays. So you can rest assured that I am actually this weird about everything.

Days of Heaven

City Lights