I promised some pictures of the snow disaster, so I of course, I have some for you! I'm near Chicago, so we got a pretty horrible amount of snow. Driving has been pretty stupid even still, since a lot of streets are down to one lane.
This was on Tuesday night - my car is starting to get buried and you can see lots of blowing snow.
Front door, covered with snow. 
Wednesday morning. I used to have a car. :(
If it looks like there is an ungodly mountain of snow in front of my house, it's because there actually is.
Backyard. Fire pit it totally buried. The fence is about 6 or 7 feet high, for scale. Look at how covered it is in the back!
The snow and went bent our bird feeder in half and buried the gnome.
Big piles of snow.
One more of my lost car, since it is the best and worst thing ever. 
Since then, we managed to dig our cars out and makes paths, but it's still very snowy everywhere and it's been freezing cold!

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