Some Like It Hot

I never saw this film before, although the title is so familiar. Billy Wilder directed Some Like It Hot in 1959. I actually bought the film at Target over Christmas when I noticed that Netflix no longer rented the film for no apparent reason. It sounded like something I would like, since it involved both the mob and cross-dressing. Could I go wrong? No, I learned today. It's such a funny movie. It's sort of long for a comedy, but it works really well in this film. I liked that it, as Ebert said perfectly, is not really about crime and greed but it pretends to be. It's really just about sex, of course. It was pretty blatant in so many parts, but it was perfect. Everything that is fun about raunchy comedy without ever veering into gross-out territory. It had scenes that were pretty risque and scenes that were actually heartwarming and cute. It was so much fun, and Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon were pretty hilarious to watch. They were so awkward but I totally bought into their story and relationship. Ebert spends most of his essay writing about Marilyn Monroe. She's pure sex, for sure, but please excuse me if I don't spend my blog post describing the slope of her breasts in great detail. He's right that it's hard to focus on anything but her when she is on screen, but uh, I don't need to really re-create in text how sexy her dresses are on her. Watch it yourself. :)

The movie is about two guys, Joe and Jerry. They are musicians, and they witness the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago. Spats, head of the Chicago mob, notices their presence, and tries to hunt them down so they cannot testify. Joe and Jerry decide to escape they will dress up in drag and leave town with a women's musical group. The group is going to Florida, where the rich old millionaires live, to perform at some sort of swanky resort. The two guys meet Sugar Kane, who is incredibly, breathtakingly beautiful. They both immediately are taken with her, and they compete with each other for her affection. Joe decides to disguise himself as...a man, and try to seduce Sugar. It goes well, but eventually the mob tracks them down. It's such a funny plot. There is something so satisfying about them for me, I always seem to fall for stupid farces and mix-ups.

Even though it's tame by today's standards, it didn't feel outdated. The jokes were really funny - and some of them were made more hilarious by some of the restraint, if that makes any sense. It was still pretty overt, but the comedy came from good dialogue and acting, not from just the sheer audacity of it. Comedy seems to age so well, for me. I don't know, I mean, I understand that all kinds of comedy don't work for everyone, but most of the comedies I've seen for this project have felt pretty timeless. Ah, I don't know. It just worked for me, and if you feel like you can relate to my taste at all, it's worth checking out.

Unlike Ebert's paragraphs explaining Marilyn Monroe's backless dresses, there isn't much more I can say! The plot was funny, the acting was outstanding, and  I was laughing non-stop. It just hit the right chord with me tonight. It was sexy enough to feel modern but the smooth black and white cinematography and classic dialogue to make it feel unique. I have never seen any of the more recent "guys dress up as girls and do something naughty" movies, but that's because they looked so stupid. This one was fun without being dumb, and I loved all the over-the-top side characters and little plots. There's lots of little stories woven in and memorable supporting cast, like the randy bell hop who appears to be 14 and cannot stop flirting with the guys when they are in drag. The movie had a lot of depth and care put into it, which unfortunately can be uncommon now. I hope you take some time to find this movie and track it down, it's a lot of fun, I promise!

Have any of you see Some Like It Hot? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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