What I've been up to

I'm not abandoning my project, I promise!
For the next few days I'm going to be watching the documentaries that are part of the Up series. It started with 7 Up, which I watched on Monday, and I'm going to watch them all up to 49 Up. If you're not familiar with this series, it follow a group of kids as they grow up, touching base with them every seven years. From what I can gather, a lot of what makes them so famous is their use of film, of chronicling lives this way. The first documentary was made in 1964, long before reality TV, so it was a really new idea to film people this way, and to watch their lives so closely. They have been really interesting so far - I'll post about them when I finish watching all of them!

Other than that, I've mostly been full of surl. Not surly, as that implies that I have actually been able to express my distaste for what's been going on in my life. No, I've just been congested with surl, and from a cold I picked up at work. Lots of stupid things have been going on, but hopefully once it's all over and resolved it will have all worked out for the better. But while it's going on it's quite ugh.

Anyway, if I have time, I'll try to produce some sort of content, but otherwise, I'll let you know what I think about the Up series after about an entire week of watching them. :)

The Up Documentaries

Un Chien Andalou