I considered making a poll of some kind for this, but I think all of like, three people regularly read my blog, so I thought it was just easier to ask. Please feel free to answer in the comments or email me, your answers will be very helpful!

  • What do you think about the format of my posts? 
  • Would you prefer that I keep the bulk of the posts under a jump (i.e. a brief part of the post followed by a "read more" sort of link)? This means you'd have to click through to see the whole post, but you could also more easily browse around through the recent posts. 
  • Would you like it if I embedded movie trailers instead of linking to them? On a vaguely similar note, would you like links to buy/rent the films? I stopped doing it since Amazon Associates no longer works for Illinois residents.  
    • And finally, do you like that I do brief summaries of the movies, or would you rather I omit that part?

    Thanks! If you have any other comments about my weird format, let me know!

    Here are some random pictures of Nikita, so there is some sort of incentive to read this post.

    Posing. I wish these were from today, that would mean the weather was not depressing.

    Lazy bum.

    She thought it would be helpful to my photography if she started ripping up grass instead of looking cute.


    Daaaw :)

    Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia

    The Bridge on the River Kwai