Another Update

Still without power here. The guys at ComEd told us that there were only 19 homes left in our area without power...and mine is included in that number. :/ They said they have no idea why we are still out, which means we really have no idea when it could be back!

Last night I diverted some power from the generator and watched Rififi by candlelight. Maybe tomorrow I'll venture out with my netbook and get a post up for you guys. I miss doing my project!

Currently, we're all huddled upstairs around candles in the dark, about to dive into some deep dish. Out of boredom we're trying to see if we can get power to the wireless router with the generator because the only way I can watch my movie for tonight is over Netflix Instant. It seems really crazy to use the generator we got to save the two fridges full of new groceries and fish tanks to watch movies, but it's sort of a fun little adventure :)

Oddly enough right now my netbook can get a wireless signal, but not the Blu-ray player. Man, this has been a weird week.

Well, expect a post about Rififi soon, and hopefully The Right Stuff as well...but no promises, it's been pretty crazy! I just wanted to keep you guys updated.


An update!