The Leopard

Sorry I didn't post about this sooner! I did complain on Twitter, haha!

Anyway, I decided to skip last night's movie - I'm going to put it at the bottom of my list and watch it after I finish the third book, when I can rent the correct version.

Here's what happened - I saw the movie was streaming on Netflix, so I didn't try to get a DVD or anything. I should have checked what version was on Netflix, though. The only version they were streaming was an English-dubbed version, with 40 minutes cut out of it. Ebert actually complains about this version in his book, using it as an example of why people don't like the movie. It seemed like I would really be missing a lot, and I didn't want to just be like, "I hated this movie but I watched the wrong version", so I thought it would be better to just skip it. Sorry guys, but you can read about it in a few months!
Nikita is lazy.

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

Le Boucher