What is this project?

Long ago, I embarked on a project to watch every movie in Roger Ebert’s Great Movies book - one movie a day, until I was done. I started a blog about it to post my thoughts after each movie. I’m not a film critic - I definitely didn’t start this to decide if the movies were really great or not. I just wanted to kind of collect my dumb thoughts somewhere. The blog was a challenge, but it was worth it. I saw a ton of incredible films I never saw before, connected with some really awesome people, and Ebert found it on his own and shared it with his fans.

One last Great Movies book was published after Ebert’s passing. Armed with a discount code for Squarespace from a podcast I was listening to, I decided to move the old Ebert project over to a real website, and watch the rest of the Great Movies.

I’m not going to be as ambitious this time - I’ll probably post a movie a week or every other week or who knows! I’ll fit posts into my life instead of having to fit my life into posts and movies like I did before.

In any case, however you came to my humble site, I hope you somewhat enjoy it!